Kodak EasyShare Camera

Kodak EasyShare Camera
Kodak Easy Share M5350

Share Button App is a prime feature of new Kodak camera, the EasyShare M5350, Touch M5370 and Z5010. This new feature will allow you to share new photos that you capture with a Kodak EasyShare Camera through social networking like facebook. You can instantly share your photo collections just by connecting your Kodak camera to a PC. Your photo collection will automatically be uploaded to facebook. In addition, you can also send your photo collection via email.

In addition, the Kodak EasyShare Camera is designed in small size, attractive and equipped with the Smart Capture feature, technology capable of detecting incidents and automatically reduce the level of opacity. Kodak EasyShare Camera is able to adjust the camera settings in a different atmosphere because it has been equipped with "Chief Memory Officer" 16 MP or 720 HD Video.

Kodak EasyShare M5350 has a wide-angle lens with 5X power. While Kodak Touch M5370 is equipped with touch screen technology and Kodak Z5010 has a 21X optical zoom and wide-angle lens 25 mm.

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Kodak EasyShare Camera

EasyShare M5350, Touch M5370 dan Z5010

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