Mozilla Invites Web Developers to Make Local Projects

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Mozilla invites local web developer to develop the projects/web application or startup. The hope, locally-made applications will be widely used and recognized worldwide.

Mozilla WebFWD Innovation Accelerator, a web developer Diane Bisgeier states will receive technical training assistance from the world of information technology experts are free to develop his project or startup.

"We care to local or web developer interested in developing startup to grow even more," said Diane in Jakarta, Wednesday (14/11/2011).

The program titled WebForward (WebFWD) is an accelerated program that is given to the Mozilla web developers around the world. This mentoring program will be conducted for 6 months.

To be eligible for the program, a web developer is required to create an open source application and sent to Mozilla. Later the local startup of each country will be selected and if passed it will be able to follow the program.

Since its launch in August 2011 and then, the program has produced five projects that have been given special training from Mozilla. Later, more and more local startup that can be given training by Mozilla.

"We will not disallow a startup, the origin is good then we will help develop it," he added.

Types of open source projects that have been given training from Mozilla is Open Photo, Synbiota, Verese, Cash Music, and Meemo. For example, Open Photo is a web application that allows users to save and send photos anywhere. Open Photo is similar to Flickr or Picasa, but this photo has a unique web users can store all its data in the cloud or the server itself.

While Synbiota a portal that links scientists worldwide to find relevant data the latest discoveries. "The hope of Indonesia will emerge a new startup that can be global," he added.

Later, after the program receive special training from Mozilla, the creators can develop their own startup commercially. Mozilla parties were also not willing to get the results for your help. However, the Mozilla web developers that want only want to deploy the sciences that have been acquired during the training.


Mozilla Invites Web Developers to Make Local Projects

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