Navigon 2.0 Release Update for iPhone

Navigon 2.0 Release Update for iPhone
Navigon 2.0 for iPhone
Navigon 2.0 release update for iPhone. The innovative version brings a amount of different facial appearance which includes the skill to download maps by state as well as a clearer menu orderliness.

The revise is unfilled boundless of charge to current Navigon users and is unfilled by inspection in place of updates on the iPhone. For example well as bringing the different State maps to the orderliness to prevent wasting storage space legroom, users can furthermore at this moment recompense a fee to induce weekly chart updates to keep maps as accurate as on the cards.

The team behind is has furthermore separated the maps from the app which in essence measures with the intention of once you revise the app touching forwards, you don't enjoy to redownload the total allotment. Instead, you download almost a 40MB revise leaving the maps on the device and unharmed.

"Navigation systems have become more complex over the last years. We've added over 30 new features to our app since it first launched, ranging from traffic and parking information to advanced lane guidance, and our challenge with this new version was to not just add new functionalities but take the overall user experience to the next level," said Gerhard Mayr, Navigon vice-president of worldwide mobile phones and new markets. "We completely rethought the way the app interface is structured and as a result, Navigon 2.0 is more intuitive and easier to use than ever before. We're also the first ones to solve the problem of having to save large amounts of map data on the phone to be independent of a data connection. The new version allows users to pick exactly which maps they need on their iPhone, leaving more room for other apps or photos and videos, for example."

For persons not good enough to revise maps, the up-datable maps are provided by NAVTEQ and contain field-tested data.

The different user interface at this moment changes what did you say? You perceive in the menus based on everywhere you are in the app. If you are now driving at that moment options are reduction unconscious. You can furthermore assemble adjustments to your route while a current route is determined.

Navigon 2.0 in place of iPhone furthermore has a fresh different look with the intention of displays the chart in the background even once accessing menu pages. Furthermore, it is very painless to rotate and zoom maps in one direction once in 3D mode and tap points of concentration on the chart to instantly add them to a route.

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Navigon 2.0 Release Update for iPhone

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